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Mind Map Presentations - Solutions?


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Recently we've been exploring Mind Mapping as a better way to organize thoughts and ideas and consequently a better way to do presentations. Problem is that most if not all mind mapping applications are very basic and sterile in the visual department. A person here in our office claims to have seen a mind mapping application that is fully customizable (colors, text, backgrounds, etc) to the caliber of say Adobe Illustrator and is also capable of creating Flash type presentations out of the box, capable of supporting images and video as well.


I have not come accross anything like that and wanted to ask everyone two questions....one, have you encountered anything like what I described above as a single application that doesn't require knowledge of Flash or similar?

Two, what is everyone using to push your presentation styles in new direction?


Below is a link to an interactive mind map I found and the author makes the source code available, and it's the closest thing I've found to what we want to do, but this of course requires knowledge of xml and flash to start understanding how to customize this.





Thoughts? Ideas?




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