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how to edit keys for rpc moving cars

chow choppe

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hi everyone


tried searching on the forum regarding this but couldnt find a solution


i want to know whenever i place animated rpc cars in my scene it fits it to the timeline with one keyframe at the start and one at the end. if i try to move the key it again goes back to the start or end position.


is there any way i can make the car start moving on a specific keyframe and not default zero



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dont bother


found this from archvision pdf


9D. How do I make my RPC Car or Walking Person start moving on frame x?

To make your RPC Automobile stay stationary until a certain frame in your animation,

follow the steps below:

a. Place the car in your scene and draw its spline.

b. With the car selected, click on the “Modify” panel (you may need to ungroup the car and

the spline within Max or Viz).

c. Move to frame 0 of your animation.

d. Set the cars speed option to 0.

e. Move to the frame BEFORE you would like the car to start moving on. For example

if you want the car to start moving on frame 15 then move to frame 14.

f. Set the cars speed option to 0.

g. Move to the frame in which you want the car to be at its top speed. For example, for the car

to start moving at frame 15 and accelerate to 50 mph/kph by frame 35, move to frame 35

then set the speed of the car to the desired top speed.

This will make the car be stationary from frame 0 - 14 (in the example above). From frame 15 -

35 the car would accelerate to the desired speed set at frame 35 and from frame 35 - end of

animation (or the next frame you set a different speed at) the car will travel at the speed set in



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