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iglightcache calculation taking ages to calculate...if i turn on dispalcement

chow choppe

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hi everyone


i am working on an interior render.

I am doing test renders at very low settings and my lightcache is taking a lot of time to calculate and it almost hangs in the middle.

my lightcache settings are very low

200 subd's

0.02 sample size

no of passes 4

screen mode


my irradiance mode is set to hsph 20, inter samples 20 and m using custom -3,-3.


If i turn off the displacement in global switches then it calculates fine within 10 seconds . My all furniture is using displacement so i can't turn it off globally.


what is wrong with my settings?

can anyone suggest anything?



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As I understand it, that's the 'cost' of using displacement. It's modifying geometry each time you render, so it has to do a lot of math.


The Pro: It's easy on your viewport when modelling

The Con: It increases your render time


There may be some tricks that users with more experience in VRay know, but that's a general rule of thumb.


Everything has a cost. :)

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