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Ladies Clothes


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Sounds Dodgy I know.


I am about to start a ladies retail high fashion.....Fast Fashion to be exact.

I will need to source ladies clothes, dresses, bags shoes, accessories.


Any advies free or otherwise apart from Turbosquid where to get them I would appreciate it.


Thank you



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Hi Philip,


I work for a retail design agency so apparel models is something we use a lot.


I tend to make my own models as they're pretty easy to set up and getting the latest range is pretty much essential. If I can get to a store and photo the product I will, if not the companies website usually has photographs of the latest seasons products.


I'd be interested to know how you get on. For me, one of the biggest challenges I face is keeping the poly count low (item + hanger, ~250polys), yet the realism up - There is a lot of product in your standard shop, each with plenty of creases and folds. Unfortunately, I usually don't put this detail into the model and just rely on good textures. The results vary.


I've attached some images showing the results I get using 'flat' models.

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