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TapaTalk iphone app supports cgarchitect forums!


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So I was visiting my favorite cg forum (cgarchitect.com of course!) on my iphone and received a message upon entry that said that a new iphone app was available for browsing some forums in an app environment; cg architect was supported. I mozied on over to the app store and saw that this app--TapaTalk--cost 2.99 but decided, whatever. So I got it and I'm very happy with it and have started this thread to tell people about it. Its really easy to navigate this forum but there are some things that don't work. For instance, images tied to a thumbnail will not show up when clicked (image not available message). So maybe somebody could talk to Jeff about this and work out the problem. Either way, it is great for just checking up on a thread, throwing down a quick post, etc. Check it out, iphone users, and let me know what you think.

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