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artefacts caused by ies-light?


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i can´t get rid of the artefacts in the wall. even if i rise the refl. subdiv. to 128.

i think the cause is not the material, but the ies-light in the floor, as around the ies-lights above there are no artefacts in the wall.

is there a possibility that i adjust the "quality" of the ies-light, to avoid these artefacts? the only thing i find there is a subdiv. counter in the vray shadow parameters, but tweakening this one brings no result.

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as i mentioned above i rose the refl. subdiv. of the wall mat. to 128.

i tried the rendering with the very high settings for ir and lc with no effect on the artefacts.

i think the settings and the wall material are not the problem, as i have no artefacts around all other ies-lights in the scene. only around the ies on the floor i get this artefacts on the wall.(you see around the ies above there are none)

i don`t know how i can rise the quality of an ies light, as the only subdiv counter there is one to handle the shadows. also tried to rise ths one, with no effect.

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