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Problem with fryrender emitter materials in cinema


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Hello, my name is David, and I'm kinda new here :) I am a first year student of architecture in Belgrade.


I am trying to learn and take advantage of the good co-op between ArchiCAD, Cinema 4d and Fryrender. However, I have encountered a problem when trying to illuminate the scene with some rectangular polygons, with a basic fryrender emitter material added to them. The polygons just won't light up when I try to render the scene. All other materials work perfectly.


Do you have some idea what the problem could be? Some hint, maybe?


Best regards,


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I have made a basic house 1500cmx1000cm in archicad. When i imported it into cinema, its was 1500Mx1000M large, so I changed the units to centimeteres, so the scale was back to normal again. However, the emitter material just wouldn't show up when i tried to render it. I've even tried reinstalling both cinema and fryrender, but it didn't help.

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hey guys, how are you :)

about the fry emitter material problem, i run it this way and it lights perfectly:

if you set the units in c4d preferences to meter:

>>> choose a fryrender emitter material and under 'power' tab in material ED

change the units from 'watt' to 'watt/m^2' + "x100"

and if you set the units in c4d preferences to lower than meters just let the emitter units as 'watt' + "x100 or as you like it!"

and when you apply the material to like a sphere, it's recommended that you add a 'FRYRENDER OBJECT properties' TAG to that object and change the blending value so that you can control the intensity of the emitter while rendering.

this is my first post :p, I hope this will work for ya. sorry for bad English.

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