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I think simple UVW Map question


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Hi Guys, soryr for another simple question. I am trying to help a mate out and dont have a lot of 3dmax xp. I am modelling a 737 Jet and am trying to map on a bitmap of the Decals and the windows.


I have a solid that is basically the fuselage and the tail plane.


I have created a bitmap which is a "side on view" so all the windows etc are in plane view. I have then mirrored this along the bottom of the fuselage. Had to do that because the text etc would appear mirrored if i just used the "plane" method of UVW.


Here are my questions.


1. Firstly am I going about this the right way?

2. My first attempt seems to have shown that not only should I have mirrored the bitmap along the bottom of the fuselage, but I should have mirrored it vertically as well?

3. How do i make the "unneeded" area of the bitmap transparent?


Many thanks in anticipation

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You can use the simple plane method and mirror your second bitmap in photoshop.

You could have 1 UV map, but 2 bitmaps.

Going this way will provide perfect placement of the map, plus if you decide to move one, the other side will follow.


You do not really have unwanted areas of your bitmap, as your windows, should be a different part of the geometry and be mapped with an other material. ( mabee I just don't get the question)

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You kind of got it, thanks. Im not going into much detail on the model, as the airport is more important. The plan was that the bitmpa would include "painted" windows etc, rather than modelling them. I have got 1 half looking right, but the opposite side is still mirrored, as a plane UVW.


Ill keep going. Im afraid im learning on the fly.. best way tho

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OK here are the maps and the model. If anyone can give me guidance on how to apply these bitmaps, I would be forever in debt.


There are 2 individual "side" views, and 1 total "wrap" view.


I also attach my rough model.


All im trying to do idealy, is to get the left image projected onto the left side and the right image onto the right.


please :)

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Select the mesh of one side via. mesh edit set to face (or triangles) apply your planar map to that side => click on UVW map set to planar mapping style => size the map to fit correctly. Repeat the same steps on the other side with reversed map.



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