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Sea water Vray material


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Ive been trying for long to get a realistic sea water for my rendering.Although the sea water looks pretty good in a long distance from the camera the problem is that it has to be refractive in order to see the sea shore.I tryied to use falloff in refraction slot but it hasnt worked yet..

I am using 3ds max 2009 and vray 1.5

any suggestion would be welcome.thanks alot!! :)

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looks to me that the scale of your waves is too large for the scene, i would use a noise map in the bump chanel and set it to fractal and use very small noise value and set the bump just under 30 and start adjusting the noise size to fit the scene.

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Without seeing your settings, here are a few Vray suggestions:


/ make Sun invisible


/ LC sample size too large


/ subpixel mapping and clamp output both checked ("on"), clamp level 1


/ hemispherical subdivisions 70-80, Interpolated samples 30-35





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