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house by the beach

Stan Zaslavsky

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Hey Stan,


Another great project.


Random comments as I see them:

* tiling on the grass tennis court - maybe make a whopping big grass texture?

* nice sky

* nice ocean

* nice tree reflection in the car

* looks like jaggies in the Grass PSD Layer - I like to use a feather of 2 or 3 when I marque select

* nice shadows of the trees onto the tennis court

* onyx trees? they really rock

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Hi Joel,


awesome - thanks so much for the grass PS tip - i was wondering how to get around it.


not sure how to treat the tennis court though - i would need a REEAALLLY big grass texture to overlay it .. maybe i'll ps it :)




P.S. trees - yep its Onyx. they are called London Plan San Francisco - thanks to Crazy Homeless Guy on the 3DAS forum for uploading it - its a brilliant setup.

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