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Non-Photorealist rendering

Al Hart

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Here is another, relatively easy NPR effect.




Here Sketchy Edges, in SketchUp, were used to create a hidden line drawing in SketchUp.


Then I created a "clay rendering" (all colors are white), using IRender nXt, which included lighting and reflection effects and then pasted the sketchy edges on top.


The only problem with this approach is the the edges do not reflect in the mirror. I think this could be compensated for by making the mittor less reflective, or blurry, so that the missing edges would not be noticed.

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Yes - that would probably come pretty close.


On of the things we try to do with several of our add-ons for SketchUp is to do things directly from SketchUp which other users could - either easily, or with some effort - do in PhotoShop.


I good example is soft shadows. We make the soft shadows image by combing 20 or more individual shadow images from SketchUp. This could be done in Photoshop, but is much easier if a ruby script does it all for you.


This image is made by blending multiple SketchUp shadow images - at different dates and times - into a single image.



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