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I saw the "first five minutes of 2012" on aintitcoolnews - it's just nuts - but looks very cool - if you search youtube, they have the same shots without CG, very funny to watch.


What interests me the most about avatar is the facial 3D mo cap system that he developed. There is no hand animated scenes, the rigged model movements are captured from the actors face directly.

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I have to agree; the cg in this movie was amazing. I know a lot of people that complained about similarities in plot between this movie and others (dances with wolves, pocahontas), but I still felt it was a great movie.


One warning though: Don't go see it in 3d, and sit really close to the screen.... I went there with a date, who tends to get motion sickness, and she ended up tossing her cookies before the end.


...was it a bad thing that I didn't leave the theater to see if she was okay? I guess that's a testament to how well the movie captured my attention. :D

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