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have a look at this animation

chow choppe

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VMW from singapore

their animation still amaze me a lot. These guys make it look so real!


I was just having a look at the their residential showreel and a few questions popped into my mind for which i had no clue so i am trying to ask you experts over here.Sorry for uploading it on my ftp but i thought its an easier way to share over here. Have a look




now if anyone can answer these questions or put me in the right direction about them.

1.) at 2.00 seconds ----U see the motion blur when the camera starts moving fast for few seconds. Is it created in post or its done inside 3dsmax. i mean i move the camera fast over a very small number of frames to create that camera speed ryt? how do i achieve that motion blur? Is it inside 3dsmax only or done in POst like after effects etc?

2.)At 15 seconds --- have never ever seen water effects so realistic like these guys do. whats the trick? anyone else tried it? Haven't seen animations with water of that realism expect for VMW. Please share the knowledge if anyone knows

3.) At 1.02 or 1:34------ have seen better sun flares than this but i didnt want to put more examples to ask this question so i am asking in this only.IS it Post? how to create that effect and control its timing. Some times it starts behind he building and appears as strong glare. how to create those sun flares. they add richness to the animation but i dont know how to create it.

Please suggest.

4.) Lastly at 2:11 minutes how can i achieve that lighting effect of lights switching on when the sun goes down.


I would really appreciate if somebody or the other can throw som light into these questions.



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hmm hard to say.


at 3 seconds there is a weird artifact where the tree stays still / pops on (could be the awful camera move?), also when its zooming toward the balcony there is a weird strobing effect which makes me think its post motion blur done with reel smart motion blur using a velocity pass or even just over the whole animation with no velocity.


the water has an animated diffuse map probably in a blend or mix material over a standard transparent water, looks like noise with uvw animated or some animated phase. the water lacks caustics (even a projection map on teh pool bottom would work well) which detracts from its realism.


the sun flares look like a post effect done with some kind of lens plugin, maybe lenscare with a few animated parameters. or you could just screen a warm coloured gradient over the area you want teh light spill and blur it a bit, possibly animate the opacity to make it phase a bit as the camera moves


the lights look like key framed light intensity coming on?

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