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Creating Cloth formations


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I have been messing around with the cloth modifier the last few days in an effort to follow some video tutorials i have.


Anyway, it goes through using the cloth modifier in order to put a sheet on the bed, but to use it to have the look like its been wrinkled up a bit. the effect works nicely, but the thing I really like about it, is that it makes the sheet folding over the edges of the beds look very nice I think.


Anyway, I was thinking using something like a doily as well on a small end table or something would be nice as well. I know roughly how to do the effect, but the modelling of the effect is where I am not sure where to begin. Was hoping someone could shed some light on the question.


I was thinking of something similar to this for example:[ATTACH]34616[/ATTACH]


I was thinking that the best way would be to add it as a jpeg background in max, and just apply a plane to a spot and just start pushing and pulling extensions till it was finished. But this way seems like it would be incredibly long for something so minor.


Is there an easier way to go about modelling something like this? Or would something this detailed be just a waste of time to add to a visualization?

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You could, (if you really need the mesh) try a live trace in illustrator which will give you a vector image which you can import to 3ds, then apply an extrude modifier or whatever! It will cause a lot of slow down so i suggest the method outlined above.

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Outline with spline, convert to editable poly, shell and map with opacity, bump and diffuse.


I dont think intricately modeling every knit is the right way of doing this, unless you have a very detailed closup shot of it involved.


Thanks for the reply.


I have not had much experience using opacity and bump maps, so I shall have to work on that. I shall hopefully though be able to get time to try to do something using the above described method.


Thanks again to both of you.

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