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Townhouse Interiors

Stan Zaslavsky

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What are your limiting factors? Are you stuck with the wall material, furniture, etc..


Either way, if it were me, and I was trying to make the room look higher end, I might do all or some of the following....


- Down the lights overall, making the ceiling receive less light.

- Higher end furniture, especially couch and chair.

- More expensive / extravagant pieces of art. Possible even something that feels like an installation.

- Expensive contemporary hanging lights of some type. Creating a secondary light system should make the space feel more intimate also.

- Maybe some natural light pouring in through the windows. A warm natural light that you get late in the afternoon, early evening.

- More color. Could be accent walls, furniture, etc...

- Maybe an accent wall that is a different material.

- View that make the space feel more open and inviting, especially the second view.

- Higher end cabinets, maybe made of expensive wood.

- Luxury items in kitchen, espresso maker, All-Clad pans, expensive olive oils, etc..

- Exotic plant that is up-lit from below.

- Possible more extravagant shelves than what are shown, with higher end items, no DVD's etc...

- A runner rug, or something in the hall way.

- Maybe a New York Times on the counter.

- Larger rug in the living area. Rugs can be expensive, and can be inviting.


Anyway, maybe something in that list will help, or at least generate more ideas.

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Hi Travis,


Thanks so much for your helpful comments - plenty of food for thought.


will post updates shortly.


the limiting factors are representing something as accurately as possible to the client's specifications and their reluctance to up-spec the details because it still has to be done within a certain budget. the choice of the finish for the flooring, benchtop and colour of the walls is set.


the rest is up to me to do as well as i can.



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