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student needs informational interview!


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Hi guys! I'm in school right now studying animation and I'm putting together a presentation on Arch Viz for my Career Development class. One of the requirements is an informational interview with someone in the field. I would really love it if one of you would oblige in answering a couple of questions! This wouldn't have to be on the phone. We can PM or you can just reply here on the thread!


Below are some of the questions I have in mind. If you answer please may I have your name(you can always make up an alias I guess), job title and where you work. I know this may be personal info....you may pm me this info, but if I do not have this information, my instructor will not count it as a complete interview. You don't have to worry-I'm not here to scope out jobs. :D


-do you have to know how to use CAD programs?


-what did you go to school for?


-I know you can render in CAD programs and they turn out pretty descent now that they have Mental Ray. Why not just render with CAD programs instead of going through all of the work in MAX or XSI?


-Is there a career ladder in Arch Viz or is most of it based on experience and work quality?


-What is the most important soft skill to have in Arch Viz?


-How much does a full time job vary from freelance? is it better to be attached to a company/firm or will your portfolio speak for itself?


-do you think arch viz has a good outlook? do you think arch animation will become more accessible?


-for your boss, how do you work around them not knowing much about computer modeling(i.e. how much time and effort it takes to do Arch Viz)


-does arch viz prepare a skillset great for other careers?


you don't have to answer all of the questions! Thanks to everyone who answers!

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