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a real Max Advanced/Master question/problem


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Or maybe its not Advanced/Master but here goes.



I have got point helpers that are binded to a "modifier-based" "Space warp".


This space warp pushes and pulls the point helpers together and away from each other and it does exactly what i want it to do.


but here is the kick, the point helpers are the parents of other geometry objects and for the life of me I can not get the child of any point helper to follow in space. That's because the pivot transforms of the point helpers are not affected by the space warp.


I also cant get getModContextTM (scripting) to show me any values of the bounding box information.


How can I "link" object B to object A so that B follows object A in world space, while object A is moved by a WSM.


hehehe:D, hope anyone understand, ooooi:o

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Ok, here is the file


there is 1 box linked to a point helper. The point helper is binded to a stretch wsm. When you drag the timeslider, you'll see that the stretch wsm moves the point helper in the z direction and then back again. I need the box that is linked also to be moved.


But the box can't be binded to wsm as it will 1.deform the box and 2. I have many different objects that are controlled by link systems and the point helper is the controller


The max file is in 2008 and the pic is what's in the max file


Thanx for taking a look, now lets see if someone can solve the problem

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koper i definately stumped on this one, i was playing with it for quite sometime last night and have continues to play around this morning.


i've also asked some of my colleagues and they too are unsure of a suitable approach


i'm probably struggling as i'm not sure of the context of what you want to achieve overall.


i tried creating bones, ik chains and constraints but couldn't get that to work.


i've not tried reactor yet but i still don't think it will help, not too sure on limitations with reactor and helper objects (if there is any), but perhaps model some geometry similar shape to the cage of the wsm and setup a reactor sim? just make the geometry non-renderable. i could be way off at the minute

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Thanx Dave


Ok, so here goes. I have setup a complete rig of a highway system with about 250 cars and one of the animations need to be of a traffic jam. But thats just one of the anims and i need to do a couple of other situations that I can't discuss as it outlines solution (oops, said to much already, o well)


This is what I have got with a stretch WSM.




Reactor and a Particle system won't work with my rig.


Any thoughts

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what the stretch wsm is doing is nothing more than just deform your point helper. so it does not influence the transform in any way.

so what you can do to avoid this, is using another wsm that does support transform instead of deform. OR you can replace the point helpers with simple triangle meshes and link your object to a vertex of that triangular mesh.

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I can let the WSM effect only a vertex and then assign a "Position Attachment Controller" and so that my point helper is aligned to the vertex that is being effected which in turns moves the point helper.



Quizzy's the MAIN MAN.

Thanx A million

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yeah man... I saw your thread title, and was like: "Thats me me me!! gotta respond!!" ;-)



that's what i thought too, but now i shall go back in my box and turn back to page 1 of my max bible :)


my excuse is i first looked at it late last night after a full days work (excuse = iwas tired)


i then looked at it again this morning (excuse = it's friday)




cheers for the pointer though quizzy, glad you got it sorted koper

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