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Looking for a graphics card

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Hello how are you

Last week I bought a new pc

is HP pavilion slimline


Intel core 2 duo e7500 2.93 ghz

4gb ram

graphics intel gma 3100

g33 express chipset


Im convinced with all except with the graphics

I want to change my graphic card so i wanted any suggestions, which one do you think is the best for my pc performance?

and what else do you think I can upgrade?


Thanks in advance

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So you can get a card in there, now the question is, can you power it? The higher end cards have pretty steep requirements for power - for example, the Radeon 4890, which requires two power cables and uses so much power it has two large fans on it (power consumption is proportional to heat generated). OTOH, a very modest Geforce 9400GT (currently $37 on Newegg with 1GB RAM - actually, that's not an entirely bad idea) requires no power cable and has one small fan, and still beats the crap out of your Intel video. There's probably someplace to find the numbers on how much power these things actually use but this whole thing is an inexact science so instead I'd look for examples on the net of people with the same model PC as yours using addon video cards...

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