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Strange, ugly shadow spots in my render


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Hi all!


Having a problem that we've had since we started with Vray, a few months ago...


First of this is some information:


Model: DWG file attached as linked file

Primary Bounces: Irradiance map, preset High

Secondary bounces: Light Cache, subdivs 800, the rest default

Lightening: Daylight system, Vray Sun as sun and mrSky as sky


This is my result:


You can see ugly shadows in between the buildings...



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Well for one thing I hope you mean you're using the vrayphysical sky and not the mrsky!!


A few points; the high preset is overkill. You could get away with low at the moment. You might want to up the light cache samples to around 1500 but I think what you're talking about is the bounced light you're getting. This is always going to happen because you're using a white material and the light is being thrown off this surface quite easily and is staining the rest of the scene.


There are many solutions but probably the quickest way is to turn down the secondary bounce multiplier which will help reduce this effect but will result in physically inaccurate lighting. Or another method is to use the VrayOverrideMtl. I reccomend looking at the examples here

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