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Max 2009 is erroring and cannot uninstall it.


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Firstly What we are running:


Windows XP x64 and the application is 3D Studio Max 2009.



Ok here is the story,


Came to my computer one day and went to open 3DS MAX Design 2009. It would not open, crashing while it loaded.


I tried to repair the installation with the installation CD but made no difference.


I then ran System restore to the previous day as that was the last time it worked.


After this Max opened. Though there were a lot of bugs and has not been running smoothly at all. So I thought I would completely uninstall it and do a fresh reinstall. Now when I go to Add and Remove programs it says it cannot remove the application as it is not there.


Does anyone know of a way of completely removing the application safley with out using the disc ar add and remove in windows as these do not work.



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