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Parametric Modeling/Generative Components


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Hello everyone,


I have recently become interested in parametric modelling and generative components software. I have a Macbook Pro and really prefer not to use Windows. Does anyone know of any programs for mac that can do parametric modelling, generative components, or visual scripting (something similar to grasshopper and ParaCloud Gem).


I have been testing out ParaCloud Gem's demo but I am interested to see if there is any other software similar to this for mac.


Any suggestions?




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Forgive my ignorance (and jealousy that I don't myself own one but does the fact that you've got a Macbook Pro necessarily mean that it's new enough to be Intel iron. If so I have a second silly question, have you done the boot to windows config yet (bootcamp setup)?


I've run a few demos and working sessions on Grasshopper lately and more than half the students were running Macs under windows and as far as I could tell Rhino running Grasshopper ran fine without exception. So you might give that a try if it's an option. That will open the world of Grasshopper and GC to you instantly.


Otherwise anything built on the .NET API's (= Microsoft will freeze over before porting that to Mac) which includes Grasshopper and Generative Components will very likely be years as a native port to Mac if ever IMO.


So dual-boot if you can I'd say, hope that helps.



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