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Exposure control in animation

martin walker

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I think I have narrowed down my earlier problem to exposure control / color mapping.....for some reason the camera is making the scene overall darker and lighter depening on the amount of light / brightness (sort of how a real cameraworks ). I want a consistent exposure and dont know how to force this.


Im using 1.5 sp3a


the camera is a standard max camera, and the scene is lit with vray sun/sky system


I've done dozens of anims like this before....its only started happening since Im upgraded to SP 3a


any help greatly appreciated...im losing the will to live ,

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Im not sure it is exposure now.


Ive stripped the scene right back. turned GI off, mapped everything with a simple vray texture, chucked an omni in(turned sun off) ....and its still fades darker with each progressive render.


its as if something is animated in the render settings....but theres is nothing set.


I dont know this and the camera wobble are related. i did a scanline render and everything is fine (camera smooth and no darkening)

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