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Bathroom viz with mr


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Hello everyone. I'm starting making my 3d visualization portfolio, and decided to change V-Ray for mental, have watched a lot of video tutorials, read a lot of books and actually am starting to do things to get some nice images done.


Basically, the idea is going from easiest (no gi interiors, at least for me) to the hardest (exteriors), so I'm starting with this nice bathroom.


It's a bit too early for c&c, though it's also something like my "new member welcome" message.


If you're interested to see the space of it, toxik.su/wip_files/greyrender.mov )

(hint: you can look around while holding lmb, zoom in and out with shift and ctrl accordingly).


All the geometry that will actually affect the actual lighting of my scene is in place and I will add small details later, so that it would be fast on the lighting / shading stage.

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