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Texture library management

Tom Hamelrijckx

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I always want this too. Had few attempts to manage them but I am not happy with any.

I was looking for a image viewer which supports tags or labels so I can have some textures under different names. Picasa kind of manages that. I spent long time tagging exisiting textures but I was not happy the way it works.

I returned back to my exisiting system- with folder names.


I wonder how texture artists working in big studios manage this.

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please i'm ju a new member of this forum and i've got some little problem. i dont know how to open and use the gsm files on max could anyone help me? thanks in great anticipation


you need to open a new thread to document your problem.


as you can see from the title this thread is focused on texture library management and your post doesn't contribute to this issue.


we appreciate you are new but you can't just post in any thread you wish :)


people will be eager to help you if you follow the correct procedures

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I covered two methods of installing materials which covers organization techniques for stand alone or server based material directories at MrMaterials.




I included a link to the directory folders already set up in a zip file. I am not saying this is the best way, but this is how we have materials organized on our server and I do it for mental ray, Vray and maxwell so that there is organization that is consistent, you may have a much more logical method. In addition I render out when possible on MatLabs (most material sites have them to use for setting up materials and displaying them consitantly) the actual material and save the thumbnail in the directory with the materials so that using Explorer thumbnail mode I can visually select materials. This is not a slick method, but easier than having to load hundreds of materials to see what they are during the length of a project.

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