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Problem in HQ Rendering when I go to Sleep !


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Hi , I have a big problem with my PC ...

I have a Scene with Large Details and Many Reflections and with 1600x847 size ... I guess it should take 8-9 hours on my Pc ...


Problem is when I put my Pc to render and I Leavethe Office next day when I come back ... I see just 30 min of Rendering Image Passed ! it looks like pc Turns to Sleep when i leave Office :D


I have Seven 64bit Max 2009 Vray 1.5 sp2 ....I also turned off Sleep after x minutes ..... plz any1 know the solution ?! :confused:

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You need to change you power saving settings. Right click anyhwere on your desktop, click on the screen saver tab, click on the power button, change the settings in the power dialogue accordingly (set turn off hard disks and system standby to never).



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