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need help with convincing sand

Dave Buckley

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Considering the rest of the composition I don't think adjusting the sand material will do much. It is the horizon that I find distracting or less convincing. Somehow I would expect to see mountains or water, or perhaps a mirrage in the far distance.


Something that may help with the sand is moving the sun to be closer to the horizon, casting longer shadows along the surface, then it may show more depth...but the horizon will probably still be a weak point if left as is.

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apologies, i should have also said that this is far from finished :)


still got a lot to do, i always have a play in post mid way through just to throw more ideas at myself.


however, i'm not ready for post yet, still untextured and not very populated, and as you say, not a very aesthetically pleasing comp yet.


i'm hoping to swap out the physical sky with a photo, which will hopefully contain mountains or water or a mirrage in the far distance ;)


i'l try shifting the sun closer to the horizon cheers for the suggestion tho

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