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how to model this red wall behind seats ?

chow choppe

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it looks mirrored so....

make a plane subdivided say 50 horizontal / 100 vertical, soft select out the bulges and valleys you want

select every second top edge

alt-r (ring selection)

Ctrl click subobject poly to convert edge selection to poly selection





cup of tea

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edit actually some spacewarps through a striped mesh would probably be easier for this particular model...quiet a few ways to do it.


__ _ _ _ _ _



hmm not quiet the same but the technique is similar, took me 5 mins to do this. shouldnt be hard to do it all. or you can pay me 400 £ and ill make it for you - exactly how it is!


make strips

detach element to object

soft select poly (may not even need to soft select)

apply twist modifier and move pivot to base of fin

fiddle around

copy paste to other verticals and offset the bend


you can probably do it all on the one stripped mesh with soft select and edit poly twisting.





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Takes 3 minutes to model:


The concept is below, from top to bottom:

1. Create rough edit poly object

2. Clone it to make multiple blades

3-4-5. Deform along spline

6. Soft select middle piece

7. Deform by moving central blade up

8. Aling all upper vertexes with "make planar" tool or scaling them down to 0% along Y-axis.

9.Trim bottom with Slice modifier

10. Done



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this is just awesome

exactly what i wanted.

Althugh i dint understand th point 3-4 - 5 , how did u defor along the spline?

And after that i am not able to figure ou which view are u working in? top, front?

can u please clear the doubt


Thanks for this awesome tutorial


LOve it!

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That's easy, just apply "path deform" modifier (world space) see illustration below for quick example.

1. Is a box with enough subdivisions along it's height so when you bend it along spline it would be relatively smooth.

2. Spline along which we will bend our box

3. Resulting geometry after applying "path deform" modifier to our box


You will need to figure out how modifier's controls work, but that is easy, two minutes and you good to go.


PS: On those illustrations 3-4-5 from my previous post that is a side view.

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thanks alexander

I cud figure that out after i posted it. Just trying to figure out how the orientation of path works as its not deforming correctly by simply clicking on the path.

Also when u soft selected the vertices ( the first time) u did it in front/back view. ryt? U just selected vertices of one blade completely in that view?


and did you move the vertices in top view also?




really appreciate this !

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