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3d max animation and post work


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hello to all i was hopping that some one could guide me in the right direction.

my question is ...........i am trying to do a simple rendering of a school project.

in the animation (the animation will take a walk inside and out side of the house) i would like to achieve something that i seen on the internet but i am unable to find at this point. the effect that i am going for in my animation is have the camera move in the interior and then stop and the lights would turn brighter for a moment and then go back to normal and then the carmare would continue to move.

how would i achieve that?

in my school i have axes to the adobe sc4 family incase i have to do any post work on that witch i don't mind....


if no one understand the question please ask me to explain better.

thank you in advance.

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Do you mean like the glare of a camera moving from indoors to outdoors as the exposures adjust? If your going outdoors to indoors i think it would probably dim a bit rather than brighten as the there is less light inside and the camera is set to allow even less light due to the brightness of natural light compared with artificial light. However if this is not what your shooting for then just ignore that. Either way something as straight forward as that would be easier and quicker to do in post in After Effects or any compositing software not to mention you would get immediate response rather than waiting for test renders to see if you hit your brightness right.


If you you would prefer to do it in the render then a simple way would be to set keyframes in the multiplier/intensity values of you lights for the time that you need.

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sorry if i was not clear ......................

i was looking for a video that would show what i mean but i was was unable to find it but i found something similar.


in this video you see the light flash on (like if some one turns on the light )

i was hopping to simulate the light turning on (flickering on) wile doing a walking animation the sun goes down and the lights flicker on at night....

and i was asking if the flickering of the light is it done in post work or in the actual rendering and how would i go about making the light flicker on and off....

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Thats probably the easiest way to go about it to be honest. Look forward to seeing it finished, Let us know how you get on. Take a visit to video copilot if you want to brush up on after effects. Great site that will show you how to do loads in AE.

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