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A big thank you...oh and hello again.


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Hi all,


I have been hanging about this forum for a number of years now although i have not been very active as my post count testifies. This is due to a lack of confidence in myself from lack of experience and knowledge in the field. Although i have learned incredible amounts in that time from the superb talent of the artists here. I myself have grown a lot as a person going from an Architectural Undergraduate to an Animation Postgraduate to recently gaining employment as a visualiser upon finally graduating from university for the last time.


I have not been on here in a while due to following other avenues during my year in postgraduate study so i wanted to say a sort of hello again and that i hope i can now (with my new found confidence in my own abilities) become actively involved in the community as i grow as an artist to be the best that i can be and to pass on my own knowledge to help others as i was and continue to be.


I realise this is all rather long winded but i just wanted to pass on my appreciation to everyone here. It is partially due to the excellent work showcased at CGarchitect that inspired me to follow my heart in to this diverse field of architectural exploration and storytelling. So Thank You!


Well now i have got that off my chest its onwards and upwards from here. Thanks for listening, now who's for tea and biscuits....





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I was there too. I guess I could recognise the backstory. Tim Grey still running the course? Well done for finding work though, it felt like an uphill struggle after I left. Always felt that they could have given more of the course over to the practicalities of getting work in the field, i.e. marketing yourself and portfolio, even a month in one of the studios/firms in the area would have helped a lot. These boards are maybe the best way to develop though, post up things and ask lots of questionsetc, there are some really talented people about who seem to love helping and giving feedback. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your work up here soon.

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Haha, well it is a small world after all isn't it. Yup he is still there. I think it was just a little luck that landed me the job to be honest and the fact that i kept in touch with the firm i used to work for who let me know that a job at another firm was available.


Yeah i think that is a serious weekness of the course to be honest. I felt that we are all left a little high and dry without knowing how the hell we are supposed to find a job. Whats your demo reel supposed to look like/focus on for example.


As i said i have been loitering in the wings here for some time but didn't feel i could join in as i thought i was too inexperienced to discuss anything. I wouldn't even say i'm more experienced now, but feel different about my own abilities now than i did, not quite as green if you know what i mean. Looking forward to getting some work out there to be honest. And thanks.

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