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smoothes new website

Nic H

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just like any other business in the US, Canada, Europe....

in case you run out of cash you can still start again with a clean record and a new company. That is what I like about westerners they are full of energy and don't surrender, they keep reinventing themselves and doing new things to stay ahead of the curve in the financial world.

I have more than one relative who are reliant on help from their relatives because their business failed and they don't want to start all over.

But the main drawback about restarting a business for employees (they can get rehired by the new company) is if they loose their insurance, pension plan...etc.

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If I recall they re-emerged as Smoothe Ltd after the liquidation. They were originally Smoothe Inc when I was there. It's definitely Smoothe though as the owners and a few key staff are still there on the staff page. Looks like a much more refined crew though. 11 people, two of which are the owners. There are only 3 artists that I recognize anymore. Looks like they had quite a shake up.

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I'm not a huge fan of the site. On a big screen the pics are too compressed and the lack of thumbnail navigation and a loading bar or something simmilar makes me want to GTFO


Loading bar is on top of the screen per each download of image/animation etc.


I like the implementation of the navitgation text that follows the mouse whenever viewing an image; where you scroll forward/backward of images or jump to other sections. Nice feature, and it fades away after a few seconds of no mouse movement. Going to have to learn how to code that in Flash.


I like the site, I think the site is simple (layout) and lets the images do most of the talking.

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Hi all,


I was the Creative Director on the CG side of the business at Smoothe and I now have the same role at Assembly.

Smoothe has recently gained investment in the business and has rebranded and relaunched as Assembly Studios in order to (a) create a fresh start; and (b) help expand our existing range of design services into new sectors. The same core team from Smoothe will begin their journey together as Assembly and continue to deliver world class design work to an international client base.


Thanks for all your interest in Smoothe over the years and I look forward to continuing in the CG community as Assembly.



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