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light thru Geometry


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Hi mates, whats up?


I've been working with vray for a while now and i never had this type of problem:


The light go thru the geometry, i think the problem is that the geometry is old, and have been exported from .fbx, and i was modeled with nurbs.


My opinion is the normals that are complete messed up, but would they cause this? If its true? How could i correct the normals?


Any other ideias?


Plz replay ;)


Thaks all

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For the geometry


Convert to editable poly.

Verts mode

Ctrl+A (select all)

weld, with 0.001 as the factor


In vray, Irradiance map rollout: tick


Should fix most of the problems.


As it was model in nurbs, the way it was modeled has a great influence on how the verts are going to weld.

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