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Large white dots - something to do with material?


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I'm working on this gun and before I started doing any texture work on it I thought it would be a good idea to figure out roughly the kind of render and material settings I'd be using.


Unfortunately, once I found a material and setup I liked I noticed I had these annoying white circles appearing.




Im almost certain it's being caused by the material... because the white dots do not appear if I apply a standard max shader to everything.


On the Colt I've got an arch and design mat with the following:


Reflectivity 0.96, Glossiness 0.5, Gloss Samples 16, Metal Material Checked




Ambient Occlusion selected


and then an HDRI map in the environment slot


I would really like to use this material - any idea on how to solve this? could it be caused by reflections somehow?

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