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viewport light & shadows doesnt function


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I cant enable the viewport l&s. I have nvidia gtx275, and it's supposed to have shader model 4.0 and yet "diagnose video hardware" says I have sm1.0.


I installed new drivers, disabled aero (I'm in vista 64), and nothing helped.

any tips from you guys?


and yes, I have set the viewport display to directx 10 ,




here's what my "diagnose hardware" says.



////////// Review GPU Feature Support ////////////


Graphics Vendor Information: Direct3D 10.0 (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275)

GPU Shader Model Support: SM1.0

Maximum pixel shader instruction count: 0

Viewport Shading Quality: None

Real-time Sun and Sky: Not Supported

Real-time Architectural Material: Not Supported


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thanks for your input, but that turns on/off the default lighting, while I'm taking about the in scene lighting shader.


on my laptop it works great, while on my "beast" it's not even an option.


I know that the minimum shader model support is 3.0, but why is my gtx275 wrongly identified :(




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