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Built up computer just as fast as BOXX system

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Our office bought a RenderBOXX 10300 system and a Desktop 3DBOXX 8500 for their "speed" and "efficiency".


Well, we already had a built up system that our computer guru had setup.


That computer system shows 8 Intel Core i7 CPU's at 2.93 Ghz and has 12 gigs of RAM


The RenderBOXX system is showing 16 Intel Xeon CPU's at 2.27 Ghz and has 6 gigs of RAM


I'm running backburner right now and the built up computer is running just as fast if not faster than the RenderBOXX system. I've attached a screenshot from Backburner.


Now, I understand that the RenderBOXX is two separate systems for the price of one, but from the spec's shown above should they be rendering at around the same leve? I'm just wondering if the RenderBOXX system should be rendering faster.


What are your thoughts?



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Hi Adam,

Sooner or later you will hear from the Boxx guy who is a member :) LOL

Now for these 1 minute renders it is hard to really judge the systems, why not try some bigger scene? those few seconds of difference could be related to network transfers, loading maps, OS, hotfixes or service packs, hadr disks fragmented ...etc...


But it is true that every 6 months something comes up that puts to shame what you spent thousands of dollars on earlier. It is just a fact of life. I have quite a few paperweights (giant server computers) that costed me a small fortune that I don't use anymore. and no bnody buys them.

Consider this: your new i7 probably uses 30% less electricity and will save you a couple hundred bucks of electricity in a year...

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I think when I have time, I'll render out a complex scene with network and distributed rendering and see how the system holds up with the in-house built computers. Thanks for your reply Ihabkal


There's another computer in the office that has the same spec's as the other in-house built system. It'll be interesting.


Thanks for your thoughts also AJLynn

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Boxx dont have any magical tricks up their sleeve to help them out-drag other computers, so you could probably always build something that will beat their systems. You buy boxx because:


  • You cant build your own
  • You want high quality with little headache
  • You need an immediate fast solution


Otherwise I could build a faster machine for any purpose any day - but do I always want to... Or do you want to?


An example is I need speed, stability and quality for my workstations and they are all Mac Pro systems - fast, very reliable, pricey. But I build all my render clients myself as 1U or 2U rack mounts and upgrade them as I need to, which saves me a bundle of money and I always get the best "bang-for-buck" CPU on the market.

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