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Calling all UK members - Looking for Camera shops in UK

Jeff Mottle

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Hi all,


We're going to get my brother-in-law, who lives in London a gift certificate for Xmas for a good camera gear shop. I normally buy all my stuff from B&H in NY, but thought I would ask everyone here if there are any online UK based shops worth buying a gift cert from.


Thanks for the help!




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I've forgotten its name now, but there's this little independent one on Oxford Street that's pretty well stocked. I only just got my DSLR and I haven't been in there since, so I'm not too down on their prices, but I'll be popping to Oxford street either tomorrow or christmas eve (It'll be utterly mental) so I'll check out its name for you.


Fake Edit: I've just seen you said online. The only chain of camera-specific shops that have a big online store I know of is Jessops.

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