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The CGarchitect Visualization Shoppe is FINALLY Open!

Jeff Mottle

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Well it's been a lot more work that I had ever anticipated, but the New CGarchitect Visualization Shoppe is now online and open for business! Calling it a HUGE undertaking would be an understatement. :)




The last two weeks have been some of the most grueling I've spent in the last 15 years on any project, and clocked over 200 hours in the last two weeks alone.


My goal was to create a store that is easy to navigate, caters to our community and features most of the top content, plugins and software that people use in production. There are still a lot more products to come in 2010, but I had to draw the line at some point so I could just get the store launched!


As the site guarantee says if there is something you need and we don't have it, we'll get it in the store and give you a steep discount while we set everything up.


If you need to make a purchase for your next project, please consider purchasing from CGarchitect. If you have ever benefited from this site, please consider this a way to give back and to help me keep things running. As many of you know CGarchitect is now my full time gig after being let go from VisMasters earlier this year, so this new project will be helping to pay for our servers (Now almost $2000 a month), development and all of the other costs associated with running CGarchitect.


If you register in the store, I'm also giving everyone 500 rewards points until the end of January.


Thank you for supporting CGarchitect and I wish all of you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


Ok time to finally take a bit of time to rest...signing off.

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