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I have problem using 3ds max actually in top viewport over plan i put floor plan through map

but i am not able to see actual floor plan since i have taken same size plan but its coming

distorted when i am rendering it is coming good but inthe viewport it is showing distorted

why can anybody solve my problem where i made mistake.




Best Regards!


Pushkar Kundu

Creative Designer (Animator)

Mobile: +91-9739450495

Phone: +91-80-40923696

e-mail: pushkar.kundu@gmail.com

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Even it is not that easy to understand, what your problem is, actually, try to set up again your viewports: Views -- Viewport Confuguration . Otherwise it does help sometimes if you close your actuall file , open up a new one and merge only the objects without settings of your '' problem file '' into it . Well - if that doesnt work out, I hope somebody more expert than me can help you out there. regards RK

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Please, note 2 things:

1- Don't name your thread like that. Most people will not visit it if you give your own name to the thread.

2- We do have a section dedicated to 3ds max. You should post questions like this one there, not on General Discussions.


Now, for your problem: check out the viewport configurations and check the bitmap quality options. It controls how well your maps will show up on the viewport, so you can see them and save some video memory. Check F1 for further information.

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