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how to snap objects on smooth surfaces?


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Hello CGArchitect forum,


Its my first post, and my first work as a 3d exterior illustrator. I never thought that a exterior scene would be so diferent to work, like the render and some other limits.


I am in a need of help in some points, someone can help me?


Im working with an exterior scene in 3dmax. I am using polygons with turbosmooth to create a nice terrain, and I have this question bugging me: I want to place several trees on this terrain, but it is not a plain terrain. Theres something good to snap trees correctely, on the right position in it?



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Geez, must be it! How can I forget something like this?

Thanks for the tip! I really forgot about that. I was remembering the vertex snap... but forgot the face one.


Hum... I would like to ask something else about it. Once I used a plug in, I forgout the name, was something about paint. With it You can use the mouse to create several objects on the scene. holding the mouse button and moving the pointer you create a lot of trees. But I dont know if that plug in was the better choice for the task of creating trees and trees. What you guys are using for the purpose of placing a lot of the same kind of objects (like trees) on the scene?


That vray scatter comes with some sort of thing like that maybe? I have to try the demo...

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