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customizing mat editor

Dave Buckley

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i've seen how to do this before but just forgotten.


i want to be able to customize the defualt materials that load up in my material editor when i start max.


i find that always use certain materials when first starting out, i.e. architectural white for lighting, chrome for reflection testing.


How do i customize it so that these load up every time without me having to navigate to my materials library. also is there anyway of making max defualt to my specific library of material rather than me having to navigate to it when i choose select from mtl library

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well i got it working, however it was the medit file in my user profile i had to overwrite as i had saved out a CUI onto my profile so it was looking there.


i'm a little confused as to what i need to take into consideration when creating a 'template' file as such so that everytime i open the program, everything is there ready for me to go, making my working much quicker.


so far i've created custom toolbars containing the scripts that i use everyday, however, this doesn't seem to be avaialble to all scripts. not all appear in the CUI dialogue for me to add to a toolbar. perhaps i'm installing them wrong.


i'm also aware of the maxstart file, but this doesn't really seem to make a difference until i actually create one. there isn't one there by default, and it always opens however it was when i closed it down in terms of interface settings.


i know i can build in light setups, but i don't need to do that with my maxstart file, as i'd need 8 of them ;)


may aswel just open max and then the correct file containing my light setup


anything else i need to take into consideration???

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