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Specing a 4 Monitor System - Need Advice

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I'm trying to spec a system for my father who is pretty serious about stock trading from home. He has a need to see "a lot" of information in front of him at the same time. Most modern day video cards come with 2 DVI outputs so I figured this would require 2 video cards, however they do not need to be SLI as my father is not a gamer or in the graphics development industry.


So my question is, Is it as simple as just throwing 2 dual head video cards in your system? Do the standard video card drivers support up to 4 monitors or is there some sort of proprietary software I'd need to run it? A Windows 7 OS will be used and I have no preference over nVidia or ATI products.


Thank you for your time - Dave

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I own an Ati 3870 X2 card wich is one card with 2 GPUs, each has a 512 GB Ram so it has a total of 1GB on board, it has 4 DVI outputs. I think you can find it much cheaper than when I got it as it is now 2 generations behind with the 5000 series out a few months ago. it will save you from needing a mobo with 2 pci express slots, save you energy, and save you the hassle of installing 2 cards.

it is running windows 7 now without issue.

I can see 4 screen icons in the display manager with one on and 3 off.

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