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dynamic and static geometry.


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don't confuse these terms with actual physics, it has nothing to do with spatial (or animated) movement of objects.


dynamic geometry is things like the vrayproxies that are loaded into the RAM when needed and dumped out of the memory when not needed. Static geometry is loaded at rendertime and maintained in the RAM throughout the entire rendering process.


So if you have 1.5 gigs worth of proxies in your scenes (highpoly trees, cars, people, etc...) then be sure to raise your dynamic memory limit up around 2000mb or so to optimize your renderings (assuming you have more than 2 gigs of ram to spare) anyone rendering large scenes these days should have at a minimum of 4 gigs.....8's the standard for all our new workstations coming in to the office regardless if it's a machine for rendering or BIM.


If your scene requires more RAM than you have available in your machine then all your geometry could become dynamic as the engine will have to begin loading and unloading parts of your scene in and out of the RAM to accomplish the rendering. You should always leave the default geometry set to "auto" this way it will assume static unless it runs out of space and needs to start treating things as dynamic.

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