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materials blurring while rendering from acute angles


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hi there, this has probably been asked and solved before, but i searched the net using keywords that describe my problem and didn't get anywhere. i'm rendering an exhibition space and need to produce a walkthrough video, probably >3500 frames. the exhibition has >250 objects/maps and i'm using png's for my maps.

my problem is rendering the objects at an acute angle, the maps go flat at


heres an image of my render and settings:


i can take more images of settings if needed. any help is greatly appreciated.

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It's Max rather than VRay that does it. When you load up a bitmap, there's a function called "Blur" right near all the tiling settings. Try knocking it down from 1 to, say, 0.2. It's there to stop patterns from going Moire-crazy from acute angles, but yes, sometimes it does get in the way.


you'll need to do this for all the maps, though, which is annoying. Bump and specs, too.

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