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The first one, Arrowtown Clubhouse by Andrew Patterson seemed to me a perfect example of over intellectualized and academisized architecture where the designer, either during or after the fact, ellaborates on justifications of their design while never really applying the concepts they talk about to their work.


If he would have said "The vocabulary I feel most comfortable regurgitating is a glass box with a slab roof (look at the OTHER project on his site) and I justify it's use here because we can beef up the roof and plant some grass on it and throw the term "Earth Sheltered" out there, while the overall project from behind looking at the grass has no visual impact on the site....." (in more eloquent and self fattering verbiage of course) I could see where he was coming from. The project besides the large shadow it cast does have little impact on the landscape and I am sure it is a great space to experience from within.


I just find it funny to talk about the vertical elements and tension created visually by the mountains and physically from colliding tectonic plates and how you can't really improve upon the landscape and the belief that man is naturally evolving part of the environment and the rest but never really applying this to the design, but instead crushing some local rock and including it in some finishes and saying you have integrated the building with the site as all a bit of verbal "spin doctoring" to justify what he did.


Not dissing the work or the designer, just the shallow justification process that really wasn't applied to the work.


I enjoyed viewing the videos, thanks for sharing. Charlie Rose videos, on YouTube, are good to watch as well, he has some signature and rock star architects on his show.

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