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AutoCAD 2010 New Object to Front?


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When I am creating 3d solids like boxes in AutoCAD 2010, the newly created, copied, or moved box moves to the front of the other objects on the screen even though it is, in fact, behind the other objects. If i give my mouse a quick zoom-in-zoom-out it redraws the objects correctly it but it is very annoying. Is there a way to turn this feature(?) off?

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sounds more like the choice of visual style that you are working in.


when you use the shaded styles like 'realistic' and 'conceptual', i find this happens a lot.


basically, i never actively work/edit in those styles - i always work in wireframe.


it could be DRAWORDER though - just select the object / right-click and choose where to send it (back/front/etc...)

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