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Low thread priority(anyone found a workaround yet?)


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I was wondering if anyone has found a fix or workaround for this yet. When rendering anything, My comp is pretty much useless.


Ive got low thread priority ticked and I set the priority in the windows task manager to below normal.I also created that script in Ken Pinmental's blog, which doesn't help either


I was just hoping that maybe someone found a workaround.


Thanks for any input



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Yeah I do the same. Always run Max and/ or rendering at below normal priority and this frees up most things; apart from compositing software. I find that I too have to set affinity to minus 1 core to get Nuke to render even a single frame.


The setting affinity is also great if you're in a render crunch and you can "donate" cores to the farm while you work, as general modeling etc only takes 1 core. You can also have 2 instances of Max running and split your cores between them (depending on your RAM).


It's magic! ;):rolleyes::cool:

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