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i can not render realistic what went wrong?


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You didn't specify the renderer. Judging from the images I'd say its Vray. Your problem may be inexperience rather than actual problem with renderer. Although images look rather promising at this stage. There are countless tutorials on lighting out there. Do some research on that I'm sure you will improve dramatically. Never stop learning!

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You've got a good start.


I don't think you are going to find many, if any, magic bullets in tutorials out there. The best thing to do is start looking critically. What do I like/see in the other that I dislike in mine?


The comment about the glossy reflections is good. The good couch and wood floor look like they are reflecting some sky.


Your lighting overall just looks flat. The good one has darker shadows under the furniture. Your shadows don't really look attached to things. In particular the exterior walls to the ground and the dining room chairs to the floor. This could be a number of things - samples from a sky light, in mental ray FG quality could help, but I'm betting it's an ambient occlusion pass. It could also be something I'm not mentioning. (Ready to yell and tear at your hair yet? ;-)


Your light seems to be coming from everywhere. This flattens out both individual things and your whole scene.


The green has to go.


The overall yellow color cast has to go. Possibilities - non-linear work flow tends to make colors bleed far more than in the real world; go linear. This also happens if your model is not real world size.


What's happening in the floor near the coffee table? If it were my model it would be a fuzzy rug w/ displacement set too far below the floor.


Your wood floor texture just doesn't have nice detail. I'm trying to figure out if it's not the right size or just doesn't have a lot of detail in it. It almost looks like your floorboards are each 12" wide. This is supported by the tile in the hall which is too big.


The wall cap in the good image is a little lighter and has a little more specularity to that it catches the light and looks like a dark solid thing rather than an infinite black void.


What are you using for a light source, other than an electric lime? What are you using for a renderer?

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