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noise in glossy reflections

chow choppe

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Hi everyone

i am rendering a scene in LWF with vray

i am having a lot of noise on my materials with glossy reflections. i have tried increasing subdivisons for everything, material reflect subdivisions, vray light subdivisons and also tried low values of adaptive amount and threshold .7, .0001


I am still getting the noise




can anyone please what can be the reason for this


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im having the same problem, / adaptive dmc min:1 max: 30 / Irr/Lc high / reinhard Lwf ( sub pixel color mapping activated) / reflections refractions max depth : 6.


am i missing something? :confused:


vray version sp4a.



thanks :D


ok i found a solution in this thread http://forums.cgarchitect.com/22345-noise-vray-images-2.html

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