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Another Grass Tutorial

Jonathan Sanchez

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Hey guys, I've just posted my first tutorial. Its a Max / Vray grass tutorial, although the tecnique can be used with MR. I've been asked alot how i do my grass, so i thought i'd explain it. I expand some on the technique briefly mentioned by Peter Guthrie and James Shaw of using GroundWiz to paint the grass as vray proxies onto the ground. Hope you find it useful.



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First of all I have lost two hours.

This plugin is for grass creation. I have attached an image that demonstrated what I got from that plugin.

My viewport count over 40 million vertex.

Its better to use max's array tool rather than brush with this plugin. only thing is array tool will generate a bit seam over there.

I dont know why he reffered to that plugin for grass creation.

I dont also know whats wrong with vray hair and far. [ATTACH]35972[/ATTACH]


May be I got those problems for lacking of my knowledge regarding that plugin. But I am sure that I did what I am suggested on this tutorial.


Can anybody answer to my questions?


Thanks in advance.

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Hey Abdullah,

I'm sorry you are having trouble with the technique. You can use the other methods you mentioned just fine. The benefit of the method I explained is that you can add more detail where you want, and less where you dont, and it's seamless. You can try a number of things to remove the bald spots in that render you show:

1) Give your grass a material like explained on the tutorial

2) Give your ground plane a grass texture too so that any bald spots (like the hundreds that you have) blend in and become unnoticable.

3) Paint more proxies in. Make sure you followed directions when creating the patch of grass.

Hope this works and greatest of luck!

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