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New Intro, 3D Sterescopic/Immersive AE Viz


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Hey, my name is Charles. I am a graduate Architectural Designer mid 90's and reside/work near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My career tragectory brought me into the world of integrating immersive VR and 3D simulators (Power Walls, CAVE's etc...), and have worked with very high profile customers.


My goal in being here in this community, is to learn about the business process of 3D AE production (part of the creative and marketing process), and to see how this can be applied and communicated in other technologies.


- As an Architect my interest is integrating technology into the built form, meaningfully.

- As a 3D/VR person, my interest is integrating AE practice and process to that of stereoscopic design tools.

- As a Business person I believe in the value of "non-siloed" integrated and collaborative approaches to business development.


As a private person I prefer to play outdoors, and am also into Biomass fuels and sustainable carbon neutrality and unconventional spirituality.


Cheers, Charles.

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