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danish house ....attempt

Eric Sosa

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hey everyone....long time not visiting this forums, manily 'cos not making architectural projects in the meantime, however....


a friend of mine asked me to help him to design his house and make some renders. this cam angle has been choosen to be rendered.


please, tips are welcome...more heads think, better then one ;)




...rendered with vray SP2 using vray physical cam with very basic render seetings until now :rolleyes:

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made a new shot with better vray settings & did set the grass higher.

...humm, u don't see the grass "hair" through the walking path, do u? :(


made a provisional shot of another angle of the house, yep, the house i empty, besides, it needs furniture on the terrace.


less focus on the cars, more focus on the architecture.

well, didn't think about the cars importance when merged those cars, but in fact, those cars are exactly the cars he owns :o.

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